What is Hospitality Consulting?

Hospitality is at the heart of authentic relationships. It is what differentiates interactions between transactional or relational. Hospitality driven principles will enhance every organization despite sector. Hospitality efforts can focus on internal customers (stakeholders, employees, leadership) or external customers (current and future).

Amy will use this approach to create customizable trainings for leaders and front line employees. These programs can enhance your culture or if necessary, provide a foundation for a culture shift.

The experiences curated throughout the process will serve as an organic catapult for positive outcomes.

Our personalized approach will be based on current challenges and the desired outcomes. Observation, meetings and analysis will all play a part in understanding the objective for each organization.

Critical feedback and accountability are key elements in the success of the organization, therefore, an evaluation and follow-up plan will ensure implementation has been accomplished.

Course Features

Video Courses

Customized Company Assessment & Solutions

First Step

Understanding the challenges and objectives are key to seeing how hospitality could shift the organization's culture.

Second Step

Building a customized certificate program through module based learning will give all employees a guidebook for success.

Third Step

Launching the program with the buy-in of leadership and creating a coaching leadership strategy session.

Every company will have their individual needs assessed and the approach will be personalized based on objectives. Remote module based learning, workbooks, guides and leadership training are all components to be considered.

Unless you are a solo entrepreneur you have a need for hospitality in your business. (And to be quite frank, even then!) If you sell, tour, ask for referrals or work with anyone you should consider this for your business.

YES! Employees want to be mentored, coached, recognized and trained well.  Many employees leave because they don’t feel like their company values them or invests in them. If this approach decreased your turnover and increased employee satisfaction, retention – what would happen to your business then?

Awareness, knowledge and a different perspective can open the mind of employees to see the different between relational and transactional interactions. Understanding the difference can help spur change and long-term positive habits. We want to create an atmosphere where we manage the processes, not the interactions.


A scope of work will be presented after the initial consultation. Consultations may range from site visits, video meetings and/or conference calls.