Van Cliburn

Van Cliburn

Now talk about gifted…I loved working with Van Cliburn for many reasons. He gave the most spectacular blessings before meals I have ever heard. His message was heartfelt, abundant and so authentic. I am blessed I had the amazing fortune to celebrate many milestones with him.

One of my favorite memories; I was telling him about a dream a few weeks back, you see I dreamed he was playing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey on the piano of course at the half time show of the Super Bowl and he laughed so big…and then hummed the song as he walked away!

Mr. Cliburn was one of the most gracious hosts I have ever encountered. I am so grateful for the experiences I had while at his home.

One day he called, “Amy, I need the tallest cake I can get next weekend. We are celebrating what would have been my mom’s 80th birthday and it is her favorite church’s 100th birthday. She loved yellow roses.” Of course, I was on it. My sister, Dana, like our mom bakes cakes and she was on the job! She created a cake with 8 tiers and yellow roses. It was perfect and she was so nervous, not only was it her tallest cake, but it was for Mr. Cliburn!

From green beans, cornbread and deviled eggs, I will never forget the beautiful menus we created! The opportunities to assist Mr. Cliburn and his closest friends celebrate are in fact some of my favorite memories!

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