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My Version of a Business Book Club for Team Building

[vc_column_text]I believe strongly in the power of reading.  Reading development books on leadership, marketing and the such can impact a person’s professional outlook.   Since August of 2011, I have been creating leadership teams and helping to develop their leadership skillsets.  I spend a few months getting to know each of them and we go through a discovery process and I help them  create their personal goals.  As I listened to them talk about their lives and hope for the future I was able to give them a book that fit their needs.  Once they finished the book, they passed their book to a team mate who needs the message of the book.  Each month, we set a deadline and then pass the book to another team member.  Within a year, all the leaders in our company will have read 10 – 14 books and we all will have learned some of the same principles of leadership, communication, marketing and professionalism.  Each book has left a mark and a “nugget” of goodness in each of the team members.  As we discuss the impact of the books, it lights up someone else in the room. This may be one of my favorite development activities thus far.

Our first set of books include:

Making Magic

Go Fish

Raving Fans

Critical Conversations

The Richest Man in Babylon


The Compound Effect

10% Happier


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